Why Arbaeen is a unique historical opportunity?

Hayat e tayyabah population is an international network including the world Muslims with one destination and target entered to Karbala-Najaf road watching human’s celestial morality and Islamic original lifestyle and now have decided to expand these to all life’s fields and times.

Questions around Hayat e tayyabah Network

Passing some decades form Arbaeen marching and Muslim’s greatest assembly revolving around Imam Hossein (peace be upon him) flag, it is now the time of using our achievement in our life. Therefore, this network is searching for receiving answers to below questions:

  • If this program shall limit to this location and time?
  • If we can expand the Arbaeen lifestyle to all over the human’s life?
  • How can we retain Arbaeen mentality before, during and after Arbaeen time?
  • How can we create a network including Arbaeen young people from all over the world?
  • What are the indexes showing Arbaeen lifestyle?
  • What activities done in your country in line with retaining Arbaeen mentality?
  • What can be the feature of life through the process and future of Arbaeen movement?
  • What is the role of Arbaeen lifestyle in the Islamic modern civilization?

Arbaeen Lifestyle Indexes

Some characteristic features visible in the host and pilgrim’s behaviors in this spiritual travel is as follows

Social Networks

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